My birthday gift was exponentially better than it would have been otherwise.

Jordan Marton

Actual Mystery Gift Recipients

A waterski vest! Mystery Gift Machine pulled friends and family together for a most awesome gift.

Justin Freedin

Yo! I opened up my mail today... What a thoughtful gift. It's perfect! And the way it was delivered was amazing.

Ashish Rangnekar

An incredibly effective way for different friends to plan ahead as a group. Wouldn't have happened without the Machine.

Daniel Rosenberg

Actual Mystery Gift Organizers

The Machine takes care of budgeting, shipping, money collection and a personalized group card so I can send exceptional gifts without any of the headaches.

Rose Martin-Weiss

Mystery Gift was more personalized than I ever imagined possible. I'll be using the Machine again and recommending it to others.

Jake Hirsch-Allen

The Machine sent a brand new digital camera AND a pilates membership -- not one but two of our best suggestions. Unbelievable!

Carling Hay